Sunday, April 27, 2014

Making Your Own InnoTab 3 Videos Using mencoder on Linux

Unfortunately, my daughter's InnoTab 2 got into a little accident and went to VTech heaven. My wife upgraded her to the InnoTab 3S. So far, so good, with the exception that her old ripped DVDs no longer work on the new device. The product manual is pretty clear about what kind of video format the InnoTab 3 will support, the problem was just finding an appropriate program for the encoding. Enter mencoder. Here is what I did to make compatible videos using mencoder (with libdvdcss2 installed) on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS:

mencoder \
-nosub \
-oac mp3lame \
-lameopts mode=2:cbr:br=96:vol=7 \
-ovc x264 \
-x264encopts profile=baseline:bitrate=600 \
-vf scale=480:272 \
-o movie.avi \