Saturday, March 9, 2013

Making Your Own InnoTab 2 Videos Using HandBrake on Linux

I was able to get my own videos working on the InnoTab 2 by following the InnoTab 2 product manual (you can download the PDF from the VTech website The only thing that tripped me up was that, according to the documentation, the InnoTab 2 expects a container type of AVI, but HandBrake only has MP4 and MKV containers. Using the MKV container type, but renaming the file extension to AVI seemed to do the trick. Here is the command line I used for a 16x9 movie that needed an audio gain increase:

HandBrakeCLI \
--format mkv \
--encoder x264 \
--x264-profile baseline \
--vb 600 \
--maxWidth 480 \
--maxHeight 272 \
--aencoder lame \
--ab 96 \
--gain 9 \
--input /dev/dvd \
--title 1 \
--output movie.avi

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